Ultra Performance Bridge Type Machining Center DMC-2532
⇑ 2-rail roller type linear guide plus another 2-rail ball linear guide ways on X-axis for high speed movement (applied to DMC-2532 and DMC-2542)
⇑ A: Larger sectional area of beam
B: Larger sectional area of column
E: Step type linear ways mounting
F: Z box way and counterweight system with twin hydraulic cylinder
H: Larger span between guideways
L: Without indirect transmission shaft
X: The shortest center distance on X-axis
Y: Larger width of machine column
⇑ Powerful gear drive spindle with max. I.D. 100mm bearing ⇑ Table, headstock, beam & machine base designed with multi-layer intensive ribs, which is excellent for heavy duty machining.
⇑ Coolant through axial ballscrew with high-resolution encoder to reduce the thermal elongation and enhance the positioning accuracy.

⇑ Comparison between coolant through ballscrew and without cooling

⇑ Extension Head ⇑ 30-degree Milling Head
⇑ 90-degree Milling Head ⇑ Universal Head

Item/Model No. Unit DMC-2532
X/Y/Z mm (inch) 3,200/2,700/900 (125.98/106.30/35.43)
Z axis-Optional mm (inch) 1,100 (43.31)
Distance between Columns mm (inch) 2,500 (98.43)
Dimension mm (inch) 3,000×2,100 (118.11×82.68)
T-slot (W×No.×CD) 28mm×10T×200
Max. Table Loading kg (lb.) 12,000 (26,400)
Spindle Taper BT50
Max. Spindle Speed rpm Gear 6,000
Spindle Motor kW (HP) 22/26 (29/35)
Spindle Nose to Table Surface mm (inch) 200~1,100 (7.87~43.31)
Cutting Feedrate m/min (ipm) 1~10 (0.04~393.70)
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z m/min (ipm) 16/16/15 (629.92/629.92/590.55)
Tool Capacity pcs BT50, Chain 32
Max. Tool Diameter mm (inch) ø127 (ø5) / ø215 (ø8.46) without adjancent tools
Max. Tool Length mm (inch) 300 (11.81)
Max. Tool Weight kg (lb.) 20 (44)
General Information
Electrical Power Capacity KVA 60
Dimension (W×D×H) mm (inch) 6,000×9,000×4,500 (236.22×354.33×177.17)
Machine Weight (Net) kg (lb.) 34,000 (74,800)

1. Semi-enclosed Splash Guard
2. Three Axes Linear Guide Ways (While Direct-drive Spindle) or X, Y Linear Guide Ways; Z Box Guide Way (While Gear-drive Spindle)
3. Telescopic Cover on X and Y axis
4. Coolant Through Axial Screws
5. Cutting Coolant Unit
6. Auto Lubrication System
7. Air Blast Through Spindle Taper
8. Air Blow
9. Spindle Oil Chiller
10. Air Conditioner in Electric Cabinet
11. Hinge Type Chip Conveyor
12. Counterweight Balance System on Z-axis with Twin Cylinder
13. Servo Brake System on Z-axis
14. Arm Type Operation Panel
15. Pedal Switch for Tool Clamp/Unclamp
16. Work Lamp and Alarm Indicator
17. Service Tools and Leveling Bolts
18. Movable Manual Pulse Generator (Hand-wheel)
19. Mechanical and Electrical Operation Manuals
20. Precision Check Data
21. One Year Warranty for Machine under Normal Operation (From the Date on Bill of Lading)
22. Warranty of Controller depend on Buyer's Location
1. Z-axis Travel 1,100mm
2. BT50, Direct-drive 10,000rpm
3. BT50, Chain 40-piece Tool Magazine
4. Tool Setting Probe
5. Workpiece Measurement
6. Coolant Through Spindle
7. Transformer
8. Door Interlock
9. CE
* KAMIOKA reserves the right to change design, color or spec without prior notice.