Die & Mold Vertical Machining Center ARCH VMC-1550
This model is perfectly suitable for precision mold and die machining purpose. Its unique humpback column structure enables the motion smoothness and rigidity on Z-axis at high rapid traverse rate. This important design has significantly improved the surface finish quality and working efficiency compared with other typical structures.

Item/Model No. Unit VMC-1550
X/Y/Z mm (in.) 1,550/700/630 (61.02/27.56/24.8)
Z axis-Optional mm (in.) -
Distance between Columns mm (in.) -
Dimension mm (in.) 1,450×620 (57.09×24.41)
T-slot (W×No.×CD) mm 18×5×100
Max. Table Loading kg (lb.) 1,000 (2,200)
Max. Speed-Standard rpm Direct drive 10,000
Max. Speed-Optional rpm Direct drive 12,000
Spindle Motor kW (HP) 11/15 (15/20)
Spindle Taper BT40
Spindle Nose to Table Surface mm (in.) 120~750 (4.72~29.53)
Spindle Center to Column  mm (in.) 800 (31.5)
Cutting Feedrate mm/min (ipm) 1~10,000 (0.04~393.7)
X axis Rapid Traverse mm/min (ipm) 30,000 (1181.1)
Y axis Rapid Traverse mm/min (ipm) 30,000 (1181.1)
Z axis Rapid Traverse mm/min (ipm) 24,000 (944.88)
Tools Capacity-Standard pcs Swing Arm 24
Tools Capacity-Optional pcs -
Max. Tool Dia. mm (in.) ø75 (ø2.95)
Max. Tool Length mm (in.) 250 (9.84)
Max. Tool Weight kg (lb.) (15.4)
General Information
Electrical Power Capacity KVA 35
Dimension (W×D×H) mm (in.) 4,480×2,800×3,00(176.38×110.24×118.1)
Machinery Weight (Net) kg (lb.) 10,000 (22,000)
1. Full Enclosure Splash Guard
2. X, Y and Z Ball Linear Guide Ways
3. Unique Humpback Column Structure
4. Telescopic Cover on Three Axes
5. Cutting Coolant Unit
6. Auto Lubrication System
7. Air Blast Through Spindle Taper
8. Air Blow
9. Spindle Oil Chiller
10. Heat Exchanger in Electric Cabinet
11. Disk Type Oil Skimmer
12. Spindle Splash Ring
13. Floating Drawbar System
14. Spiral Type Chip Conveyor with Chip Cart
15. Servo Brake System on Z-axis
16. High Pressure Coolant Gun
17. Work Lamp and Alarm Indicator
18. Service Tools and Leveling Bolts
19. Manual Pulse Generator (Hand-wheel)
20. Mechanical and Electrical Operation Manuals
21. Precision Check Data
22. One Year Warranty for Machine under Normal Operation (From the Date on Bill of Lading)
23. Warranty of Controller depend on Buyer's Location
1. Direct-drive 12,000rpm Spindle
2. 4th Axis Preparation
3. 4th Axis Rotary Table
4. Tool Setting Probe
5. Workpiece Measurement
6. Coolant Flush System
7. Air Conditioner in Electric Cabinet
8. Hinge Type Chip Conveyor
9. Transformer
10. Door Interlock
11. CE
* KAMIOKA reserves the right to change design, color or spec without prior notice.