Bench Lathe BL-45

Tool holders equipped at front & rear side Optional up-cutting tool rack
Collets are available for options upon request Pneumatically hydraulic rotating cylinder with collet chuck
Pneumatically auto clamping device -

Item/Model No. Unit BL-45
Max. Chuck Capacity
Bar Stock mm (in.) ø45 (ø1.77)
Square mm (in.) 32 (1.26)
Hexagonal mm (in.) 38 (1.5)
Elastic Clamp mm (in.) -
Slide Travel
Max. Main Slide Travel (Forward & Backward) mm (in.) 130 (5.12)
Max. Front Cross Slide Travel mm (in.) 130 (5.12)
Front Cross Slide Travel 360°
Max. Rear Cross Slide Travel mm (in.) 80 (3.15)
Lateral Adjustment of Rear Cross Slide mm (in.) 70 (2.76)
X/Z axis mm (in.) -
Tailstock Spindle Dia. mm (in.) ø30 (ø1.18)
Tailstock Spindle Taper MT No.2
Tailstock Spindle Travel mm (in.) 130 (5.12)
Spindle Speed rpm 1,200/1,600/2,650
General Information
Motor kW (HP) 2.2 (3)
Dimension (W<×D×H) mm (in.) 1,000×500×1,000 (39.37×19.69×39.37)
Machinery Weight (Net) kg (lb.) 320 (704)
1. Chuck Arbor
2. Service Tools
3. Clutch Motor
4. Operation Manual
5. One Year Warranty for Machine under Normal Operation (From the Date on Bill of Lading)
1. Up-cutting Tool Rack
2. Coolant Equipment
3. Comprehensive Collet Chucks
4. Pneumatically Hydraulic Rotating Cylinder
5. Pneumatically Auto Clamping Device
* KAMIOKA reserves the right to change design, color or spec without prior notice.